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Get to Know The Factors That Cause a Heart Attack

Get to Know The Factors That Cause a Heart Attack – Heart attack is one type of disease that can kill the sufferer suddenly. This disease can occur due to a blockage in the flow of blood that leads to the heart. Blockage of these blood vessels in the form of cholesterol, fat accumulation, to the presence of other substances that form plaque in the arteries that rupture and form clots. Is the factor that causes

1. Excessive emotions and stress

The mental stress you feel when you are angry, excessively sad, or even stressed can be the cause of a heart attack. Because, mental situations like this make the body secrete the hormone cortisol which makes blood vessels stiffen. While the hormone norepinephrine that also appears can cause an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, you need to practice to be able to manage stress well as a way to keep your heart healthy.

Get to Know The Factors That Cause a Heart Attack

2. Physical activity that is too strenuous

Before exercising, Moms and Dads are always asked to warm up first. This is to reduce the risk of a heart attack, especially those caused by strenuous physical activity. So, for those of you who are just starting an exercise routine, it is recommended to do light or low impact movements first.

3. Overeating

Anything in excess can actually be dangerous. Not only physical activity, you are also not advised to overeat. Moreover, if the type of food is high in carbohydrates and fat, which will make the blood thicken more easily. This situation makes the blood vessels contract, the body becomes intense, and the heart’s performance becomes heavier than usual.

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4. Family history of illness

Heart disease can be passed down through genetics from parents to you or your little one. It would be better if you start checking the health condition of all family members to be able to anticipate various conditions, such as heart attacks.

5. Age factor

The age of every human being will certainly increase, so that the higher a person is at risk of experiencing diseases such as heart attacks. According to research, this disease generally occurs in men at the age of 45 years and women at the age of 55 years or who have experienced early menopause.

6. Extreme temperature changes

Changes in weather and temperature that occur in extremes can also trigger a heart attack. Cases that quite often occur are temperatures that suddenly become cold, so that blood pressure can increase drastically.