Tag: Small Capital Makes Big Profits Online Slot Gambling

Small Capital Makes Big Profits Online Slot Gambling

Small Capital Makes Big Profits Online Slot Gambling – Playing online lottery gambling games presents various nominal bets that you can choose, the nominal given is also very diverse.

In playing online slot gambling, the thing that players need most is capital, because without this one can make bets. You can get this capital by making a deposit or cash deposit on the related official online slot agent website.

Actually, the explanation above is not entirely correct, because there are other ways for slot gambling players to get capital without having to deposit. The trick is to maximize the prize from the referral bonus promo provided by the related slot agent.

Small Capital Makes Big Profits Online Slot Gambling

Understanding and Terms of Getting Referral Bonuses from Official Slot Agents

Referral is a kind of bonus promo that will be obtained if you bring other people to join the official slot agent site that you follow. However, there are conditions that must be met in order to claim the referral promo prize or friend’s referral.

First of all you have to create a personal referral link first. To make it, you just need to look for the reference menu, and if you have entered it, click on the menu to create a referral link. After that you will be faced with a form like the following:

Username / ID:
Referral Links:

Of the three columns, you just need to fill in the first and second columns. That’s because the third column of the form will automatically fill itself in.

For the next step, copy the referral link and share it on the social media you use, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, you can also share to contact numbers either on Line, WhatsApp or Telegram. Later if there are other players who access and register to the related online mpo slot terbaru gambling agent site using the referral link that you shared, then that player is under your reference.

Official Online Slot Gambling Site Promotion Prize Count

Meanwhile, the giving of prizes from online slot agent sites for referral promos varies. First, there is an official slot gambling site that immediately provides cash prizes for each member who is invited to join. In general, the prize amount for each member is 25 chips or 25,000 rupiah. Just imagine by inviting 4 members to join then you will get a prize of 100,000 for free.

Second, there is a trusted slot agent site that gives prizes one week after inviting other players to join. So here the player’s one-week bet under your reference will be calculated in total and then times the percentage that has been determined by the site.

Let’s say the total bet is 1,000,000 and the promo bonus from the official slot agent is 10 percent. Thus you will get a prize of 100,000. This is just a picture for one member. What if more than one? Of course there will be more prizes.

Third, there is a trusted online slot agent website that gives 1 percent for every bet that the player has made under your reference. Unlike the previous two, this referral bonus will be valid for life. So even though the prize is indeed very small, over time it will also become large and suitable for making slot gambling bets without having to make a deposit first.