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White Tongue These are 5 Symptoms of Disease

White Tongue These are 5 Symptoms of Disease – A normal tongue will appear pink and not pale. However, like any other organ, the tongue can have problems. One of them is white tongue condition.

usually the white tongue will cover part or all of the tongue. This is not a scary condition, as it usually resolves within a few weeks. However, if it persists for a long time and causes problems with eating or talking, see a doctor immediately.

Why? Because the condition of a white tongue like that could be a symptom of several diseases that need medical attention.

1. Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia can be caused by an overgrowth of cells in the lining of the mouth. These cells will combine with keratin protein to form white patches on the tongue. This often occurs in an active smoker and a hobby of consuming alcoholic beverages. However, leukoplakia can also occur for no apparent reason.

Although not a very serious condition, sometimes leukoplakia can turn into. Therefore, immediately go to the doctor and have your condition checked.

2. Oral lichen planus

This situation will cause thick white patches on the mouth and tongue. Usually this condition will also occur along with the appearance of sores or pain in the cheeks and gums.

However, people who experience it need regular health checks because there is a possibility that they are more at risk of developing oral cancer.

3. Geographic tongue

a condition where the papillae on the tongue disappears and blotches appear on the surface of the tongue that look like smooth red “islands”. This can happen when the skin layer of the tongue peels off, then new tongue skin grows.

Well, the top layer of skin on the tongue that peels off too quickly will turn soft red. Meanwhile, the rest of the tongue that hasn’t peeled off will turn white.

but this condition can interfere with the quality of life of the sufferer. Sometimes the geographic tongue can cause discomfort on the tongue and become more sensitive to certain foods, such as spices, salt, and candy.

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4. Oral thrush

is an oral infection caused by the Candida fungus. Usually this is experienced by diabetes patients, people with weak immune systems, iron or vitamin B deficiency, and denture wearers.

This condition can cause patches to develop on the mouth and tongue. The spots are usually white in color and will be very painful when the sufferer is eating or drinking.

5. Syphilis

Usually the condition starts as small red patches or grows into larger open sores, which can be red, yellow, or gray in color. It is very contagious and often painful. If left untreated, the sores can disappear, but the sufferer still has syphilis and can pass it on to other people.

Syphilis is a bacterial infection that is actually very treatable in its early stages. The dentist can perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. If positive, the patient will be referred to a primary care doctor for further testing and treatment. Untreated syphilis can cause long-term damage to the heart and brain.

If you experience a white tongue, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Although generally harmless, white patches on the tongue or other unusual spots can indicate a disease that requires medical treatment. So, check with the doctor to determine the cause and get the right treatment, huh.